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About Shrusko


We are Nina and Jošt, and we spend innumerable hours together since our work is done as a joint project. Still, it is true that most of the illustrations come from Nina, and most objects thrown on a potter’s wheel are made by Jošt. We live in the middle of a Slovene forest, two curious individuals who are interested in everything. Ceramics have been our livelihood since 2015, when we first made cups under the brand name Shrusko.


Shrusko is a ceramic collection that comes from the hands of Nina Mrđenović and Jošt Bukovec. Our speciality is illustrations through which life in the meadows and vast forests that surround us, migrates to our handcrafted cups. We love picture books, comics, folk arts and Saturday morning cartoons. We are inspired by empty woods, midnight sounds, seasonal cycles and changes in the weather.


All our coffee mugs and teacups, dessert plates, serving trays, bowls for fruit and salads, and other items are fired at a high temperature, which increases their durability. At 1240 ºC ceramics become less porous and thus more resistant to chipping and changes in temperature. Our products are carefully made to give many years of daily use and are suitable for use in the dishwasher or oven.


Rolled slabs, which we make ourselves from wet clay, are used as our main technique. Creating cups out of such slabs is like tailoring clothes, and requires some more patience, but the finished products have a distinct handicraft character. We use clays of different colours in our work, all intended to be fired at temperatures exceeding 1200 ºC.