How to order a product?

Add the selected product to your shopping list by clicking the button “Add to cart”. In the cart, you can review the selected products or specify the quantity you want and then close the purchase by clicking the button “Proceed to checkout”. Further on, you select the payment method and delivery address. After placing your order, a purchase notification will be sent to your email address, as confirmation that the products have been ordered.

Why is the received product not identical to the one in the photograph?

Our whole collection is made and painted by hand. While we take care that the product photograph in our online shop represents the entire series of products the best it can, certain differences are possible. If you feel that the product deviates too much from your expectations, you can tell us and return it within 14 days. We will refund the purchase price.

Can I return the package I have received?

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, you can return the purchase received without justification or extra costs. You must notify us of your intention to return the package by email at posta@shrusko.si within 14 days of receipt of the shipment, subject to the condition that the products have not been damaged or used. Products must be returned in their original packaging, as registered mail and without C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery). The cost of return postage shall be covered by you. The purchase amount will be refunded to your bank account upon receipt of the returned shipment.

Is it possible to order customized products?

Yes, we also make products on request. As the process of making such items is longer and more complex, we may, when we have too much other work, refuse special orders or postpone them.


What is the price of delivery?

In Slovenia, the delivery price depends on the weight of the order. The delivery price for small items (broaches and teaspoons) is €2.40, and €3.40 for bigger products. For customers in Slovenia, delivery is always free when the total purchase is over €70.00.

Can I order a cup and you send the cup with a dedication to my friend abroad?

Certainly. During the online purchase procedure you simply need to state that the recipient’s address is different from that of invoice payer. International postage will be charged, the invoice sent to you and the package with the dedication to your friend. The same applies to addresses in Slovenia.

When will I receive my order?

If all the ordered items are in stock, the order will be processed the next working day at the latest. In Slovenia shipments take no more than three working days to arrive, but most often do within a day or two after being sent.

Who delivers the shipments?

For our shipments we use the services of Pošta Slovenije. The same channel is used for our shipments abroad, while the customer can opt for courier services during the purchase process. This option is faster for international shipments, but much more expensive.

How do I pay?

The options offered are a transfer to our bank account, or by Pay Pal, which also enables credit card payment.

Can I personally collect the products at your address?

At the moment collection at our address is not possible, but we are working hard to enable this as soon as possible.

I received a damaged package. What can I do?

It is best not to accept a visibly damaged package from the delivery service and to immediately inform us of the situation. If you have already accepted the package and signed the transfer documents, take some photos of the package before and after opening, if possible in the presence of a post office employee. The damaged products will be replaced or the full purchase price refunded, but without photos and a report of the damaged shipment we cannot have the delivery service pay the damages for the damage incurred. Delivery services and postal systems have well-established complaints procedures, so it’s easiest to follow their procedure for documenting the situation. Contact us through posta@shrusko.si and we will help you with any uncertainties.


How long does it take to make a product?

Approximately three weeks pass from wet clay to a useful product. A cup passes through several phases of production and decoration, plus the time needed for drying, firing and cooling has to be added. During the working process we pay attention to our goal of always firing fully filled kilns for a more rational use of energy. It’s a lengthy process, but in this way we create durable products – even eternal ones with proper handling.

Why do some bigger products have a lower price than small ones?

The size of a product and possible handles, paws or the type of illustration are not always a proper method for determining their price. Usually, bigger items have a higher price, since their handling is more complex and they require more space in the kiln. This is however not the rule – small items can also be very sensitive during production, and the price may well be defined by the series size. We endeavour to set the final price as a compromise between time and material invested, the buyer’s expectations and intended use.

What sort of a kiln do you have?

We use two electrical kilns for firing. The capacity of our main kiln is 150 litres, and it’s intended for regular production. The volume of the other kiln is about 30 litres, and it’s used for test series, colour testing and similar experiments. Kiln operation is controlled by electronics that regulate firing up to 1240o C.


What is stoneware?

Stoneware (Slovene: kamenina, German: Steinzeug) is a type of ceramic. It is made of a special clay that can be fired at temperatures above 1200o C. As an example, traditional Slovene red clay pottery is fired at 1050o C, and porcelain at 1300o C. High-temperature stoneware has specific properties, such as being resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts, having low porosity and absorbing almost no water. Such items are firm, resistant to chipping and more compact to the touch.

Can I wash the cups in a dishwasher?

Shrusko products can be washed in a dishwasher. Even long years of machine dishwashing will not affect the colour, surface or usability of the product. Still, for your favourite pieces I’d suggest hand washing, as in this way there is less chance of a broken handle.

Can I use the products in an oven?

Yes, you can. Since all Shrusko items are made of high temperature clay, they can be used for baking and reheating in a conventional or microwave oven without special preparation. You can use them as a baking tray or baking base. We only advise against use in a wood-burning oven, since the uneven temperature distribution may cause damage.

Are glazes harmful to health?

All paints and glazes are suitable for food contact, as evidenced by the relevant technical and/or safety data sheets and appropriate testing. Glazes are only harmful to health in their raw, powdered state. After firing, these substances bind inseparably to form a glass-like glaze surface that is insensitive to ageing, acids, bases and heat up to 700oC.