Handmade ceramics that attract with
their warm, creamy shades and delightful illustrations,
producing items that are both useful and cheerful


Similar to salt dough

Shrusko ceramics are handmade of white clay which, when fired at high temperatures, get their characteristic creamy shades. The resulting pieces are reminiscent of salt dough and oven-baked cream, notable for their warm shades, soft curves and funny illustrations.

Houses in the clouds

Before firing, each piece is hand-painted – a brush is held between the fingers, a palette rests on the side, and skilful strokes bring the piece to life. Nina, the artist behind the illustrations, draws her inspiration from everyday experiences. You can thus enjoy a little humour and some cutting remarks on both cups and plates, as well as night scenes with houses amidst clouds and many cats of different shapes and sizes.

Confident use

All shrusko ceramics are suitable for regular use, as they are fired at 1240 oC, and thus they get their special name – stoneware. This material is solid, resists chipping and absorbs almost no water. It deserves loving care, but it can also be washed in a dishwasher. It is excellent for baking pastry in, but feels best in the palm of the hand when filled with tea or coffee.